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Silverfish Live! Wait....what?

Yes, it's true! The band that is not really a band will be playing Live at the Toad Hill Music Festival in Chatham, NH, Friday night, Aug 20, 2021, at 5:00pm!! In fact we're batting leadoff for the whole festival! Exciting, right?!?

So the first thing that we needed was a name as we had to have something to put on the festival poster. As you may or may not know, choosing a band name is traditionally a comically difficult task. Amongst many worthy contenders, it came down to "Silverfish" and "Sex Pope". For the purposes of this show we went with "Silverfish", but there's no saying that we won't go back and revisit "Sex Pope" at some point. "Sex Pope" definitely has some pizazz, don't you think?

So anywho, if you want to hear some of the tunes on this site jammed out live, make sure to leave work early on Friday, Aug 20, and set sail for Chatham, NH! If you can make it by 5:00pm, then yep, you'll hear us doing our thing live on stage. Bring some camping gear - or don't. Maybe just stay up for 48 straight hours of music, food trucks, and wandering around the White Mountains. The actual Toad Hill Farm looks like a really nice place to wander around!

So fingers crossed for no rain, but God willin' and the creek don't rise...we'll be there rain, sleet, or snow (or beautiful end of August sunshine), and we're committed to having fun and making sure that you do the same! Hope to see you there!

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